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Anna Moore // by Emma P. (April 2019)


“It was a slow morning for me. It took me an hour and a half to get to the lake, although it usually takes me forty-five minutes. The Latze Lake in Alaska was foggy as I walked up to it. I prepped my line and cast out onto the smooth surface, creating a soft ripple. I looked around at the quiet surroundings as I usually do every Saturday. I noticed a man silently fishing across the lake from me. He wore a ball cap low on his head keeping his eyes on the water. He looked up for a split second, and I was able to see his brown eyes. He averted his face too quickly for me to properly observe it. For the first time I noticed that no birds were sweetly singing their morning songs, and the crickets were not cheerily chirping. The water rippled as I nervously noted these things. I looked back to the man. He seemed to have gotten closer around the bank. I felt a tug on my line. The man was closer. My heart started to beat rapidly. I fingered my long blonde hair as I contemplated what I should do. I peered back at the man. He was close enough that I could see his profile. His short hair stuck out from the back of his cap. It was dirty brown, the color of wet sand. A bird. I heard a soft twitter. I looked around to see the bird, but there was none. I heard a click. The man had closed his tackle box and was walking towards me as if he had a purpose. I quickly looked down. There was movement in the woods near me. Out of the corner of my eye I saw him put his hand inside his jacket and pull something shiny out as he passed me. Another man jumped out of the trees and tackled me just as I realized the object was a gun. The man grasping the gun shot and ran, dropping the tackle box. He was about to disappear into the trees when three more men jumped out and tackled him. The man who had saved me wore a uniform bearing a badge. The policeman ushered me into the safety of the woods.”

Judge Meredith dismissed Anna Moore from the stand. The robbery of the Carmichael Bank was solved. The description of the robber at the bank fit this man perfectly. Throughout the month he had been picking off the witnesses one by one. Anna Moore was the last one alive. She was glad the robber was caught. No one else would die. No one else would live in fear. The plan had worked. By continuing her daily routine, Anna Moore had led the police to the robber.