Battle Cry (Soldier Boy) // by Emma R. (July 2020)

There’s a boy I see
As he passes by;
He catches my glance
And looks me in the eye -
The general shouts
And the soldier boy
Lets out a battle cry.

He lies awake
In his tent the next night
Thinking ‘bout his girl
In the fading light
It's all the soldier boy can do
To keep from
Letting out a battle cry

Soon the soldier boy’s
In the battle lines
Already been there
More than a thousand times
As he's ordered to fight
And the day turns to night,
The soldier boy
Lets out a battle cry

As Nathan Hale cried
As he died on that tree,
“To lose but one life
For Liberty,”
So the soldier boy feels
As he marches in line,
“Why can't we all
Die for freedom
More than one time?”

And then one day
He's in the front line
Somehow he knows
It’ll be his last time
And the soldier boy,
Filled with pride,
Lets out a battle cry.

And the soldier boy’s
Just like you and me,
But he's the one who died
So we can be free
So tonight,
Whether you scream it
Or say it silently,
For the soldier boy,
Let out a battle cry.

As the soldier boy’s life
Flashed before his eyes,
He thought he heard his girl
Saying her last goodbyes
And though he was gonna die
He gave it one more try
And let out
His beautiful soldier boy's
Battle cry.