Beautifully Broken // by Talayia K. (April 2016)

In the world today, people are beautifully broken. Instead of broken bones, there are broken hearts. Everything is covered up with smiles, laughter, and jokes that mean more than they ought to mean. In society today, the perception of people versus what people think they should look like is the exact opposite.

Society thinks most women should be curvaceous, with a flat stomach, no acne, and no scars. Society puts the image of a Barbie doll or fashion models into women’s heads to make women loath themselves. Instead of women loving themselves for who they really are, they go get plastic surgery or something to change their appearance for “the better”. Even though some women think makeup can fix all their problems, below the surface, they are broken inside. Men go about trying to keep up the image of somebody tough, somebody who can care for a family, but fall into ridicule and unfortunate things when they can’t make it. They are seen as worthless and are not good for anything.

Elizabeth is a girl who represents the thoughts women have about society’s perception of women; while Benjamin, is a boy who represents the thoughts men have about society’s perception of men. Elizabeth worries about weight, height, personality, and facial features. Society makes women think about the flaws they have and the problems they face are not okay. Those problems need to be fixed and women should be perfect with no flaws. Benjamin worries about not having make up to hide the flaws on his face, not being good enough to get a girl, not having the best body, not having enough money to please a girl, and not having enough self confidence. Society gives men the okay to think of themselves as men who can get what they want, men who are unfaithful, or are just too sensitive.

Elizabeth thinks about plastic surgery, acne treatments, liposuction, the best make up tutorials to cover up facial insecurities, and tans. Benjamin thinks of ways to earn more money, ways to get women to like him, ways to stay faithful, and reasons to not worry about his face. Society gives women and men a reason to not give up. How you handle pain and stress, the music you listen to, what you do in your leisure time, and your outlook on life are things people think about whenever they start to judge someone with society’s perfect man/woman rubric. The beautiful thing about having society’s rubric is having those guidelines to prove society wrong. People don’t care about how perfect their teeth are, how curvy they are or aren’t, how perfectly proportioned their face is, and the type of music and friends they have. Life is becoming a broken wonderland for all those worthy enough to pass society’s test. The trick to passing is not to be perfect and meet all of society’s standards, but to overcome society’s wise remarks and to worry more about your future than your personality. Today, women and men are broken inside and decide to only talk about things that make them feel better or laugh to keep from crying. Instead of pouring your feelings out to someone, we decide to bottle them up. People regret the decisions they make, not because they didn’t like them, but because they never did anything to begin with. There’s nothing to regret, but the things you never done.