A Faerie Encounter // by Hannah H. (July 2016)

As the dark closed in, and the golden-red sun slowly set, Evanthe moved in closer to the tree. The fire crackled as a log fell and embers flew up into the sky, twinkling like the emerging stars. Evanthe pulled her black plaid shirt tighter around her. She sighed and shivered slightly. "Thank you so much for inviting me Kavon. You really have no idea how much I appreciate it."

I smiled as I answered, "No prob. I'm glad you could come!" We sat in contented silence as the others laughed and talked around the campsite.

"Wow! The stars are so bright! I've never seen stars so bright."

Evanthe laughed. "That's because you live in the city. The pollution and lights block the most of the stars from view."

"No, I'm serious. Look at them!"

She stopped and stared curiously. "You're right!" she exclaimed.

I stood up and squinted, motioning to the others, "Guys look!"

The brightly sparkling lights grew ever closer. Our group stood to investigate, but quickly drew back when the glow advanced.

"Its growing larger!" Evanthe whispered.

The huge mass seemed to break into a thousand pieces, and we could now see they were tiny luminescent floating things. The small balls of light shone in different colors, soft pastels, pink, yellow, blue. One ball of green light came so close to my nose I went cross-eyed. It zoomed in and out of my field of vision until I became dizzy and had to sit down. The balls floated all around us, enveloping our camp in a soft light.

A guy on the other side of me, Alan, gasped, "Kavon, they're...they're, uhh, look...alive, they're really..."

I looked at him, confused. "What?" I whispered, "Calm down! Just calm down and tell me what's wrong!"

Alan just looked and pointed dumbly at one of the lights closest, the very same green one that had made me nauseated with its racing. I stood once again, gaping as I realized that the tiny thing had, wings? Yes! Tiny wings that looked ethereal, delicate with complex and intricate patterns, loops and whorls, almost like a fingerprint.

Oh, and the person itself! The wonder of it! It took the form of the tiniest man, with clothes that almost looked to be made of nothing if you had not seen a fold in it. A minute snub noses and long elfish ears accompanied the face of the minuscule man who grinned confidentially at me, winked, and flew off to rejoin the others, who twinkled off into the distance once again.

We were frozen, unable to move until Alan toppled over, eyes rolling back in his head. His collapse shook us into action, but as I looked into Evanthe's astounded eyes, I thought that I would never look at the starry night sky the same ever again.