Heartbreak on a Hill // by Bailey R. (July 2018)

It'd been a normal day at my high school. But there was a underlying feeling of regret and nervousness, which I will admit, concerned me some. But no matter, I'd get to see my boyfriend, right? Yeah, he said he wanted to talk after school.

Well, as I walked out there and saw him, I noticed something was off. His eyes weren't the bright brown I usually saw, the brightness was dimmed. I said hello and hugged him. He said, "Where do you see us in 2 years?"

I responded with "Still together, or at least good friends? Why?"

That's when I realized, he's breaking up with me.

I struggled to keep the tears in. "Are you breaking up with me?", I asked.

He nodded, and I couldn't help but think...Two days ago was our three month anniversary. He looked at me, sighed, looking hurt, he hugged me two last times. I walked into the band room, sobbing.

When I announced I was single, the entire percussion looked at me guiltily and said he told them that he was going to break up with me.

I was stunned, why didn't they tell me?

I smiled, and walked away, the tears staining my face. I couldn't remember what happiness was. I walked into the bathroom and sobbed.

Why? why did he break up with me?