Imagination // by Anna S. (October 2018)

Somewhere underneath it all,
You'll find me peaking out.
Somewhere inside your memories,
You'll see a hint of me.

I'll be the spark, the glimmer,
You see behind your eyes.
When you lie down to sleep,
Your mind will take you here.

I live up on your bookshelf,
Inside the book you've yet you leave.
The one that you remember,
From childhood always.

I'm here on windy, rainy days
When all you do is work.
I'm even here on coffee breaks,
Far from the most lurking place.

And when at last you find me,
You'll realize what you've missed.
You'll remember where you've gone before,
And where you haven't been since.

You'll pull down that old book,
Fall asleep and find that remnant.
You'll redefine your starlit skies,
Imagine limitless.