The Last Doughnut // by Andrew M. (April 2018)

It was the year of 2015. Grant Harman strolled along 57th Street, Manhattan, New York City, on break from work. He was going to Gary’s, a doughnut bakery ran by one of his best friends, Gary. Grant was a man of 34 years, and was 5 foot 11. He had a knack for carrying around an umbrella, even if it was not raining. His favorite book was The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. On his way to the bakery, he ran into Julietta.

Julietta was the fiance of Grant. She was a woman of 30 years, 5 foot 5, and was born in Dublin, Ireland. She had known Grant for 7 years, and had been dating him for 5. Her favorite gemstone was the emerald, the same one Grant proposed to her with. She often wore a black trench coat as part of her job (she was a private investigator).

Speaking of careers, Grant was a detective of his own agency. He had a Master’s degree in Chemistry, and a Bachelor’s in both Physics and Biology. He would often be found in his private study, his enormous library of over 500 books, with Julietta, at a Knicks game, or on a case. When on a case, he would study all possible elements, ask all the right questions, and do research on the topic at hand. He managed to solve 94% of all his cases, giving him an excellent reputation in the field.

When he reached Gary’s, Grant noticed police tape, and Chief Joseph talking to Gary. Chief Joseph was a man of 36 years old, with jet black hair and a height of 6 foot 4. He was a friend of Grant, and would often help him with his cases. “What are you doing here? I thought you were getting married today.”

“I have rescheduled it, due to the forecast saying it would rain today,” said Grant.

“Fair enough. When is it for?”

“Besides the point. What happened?”

“The shop was robbed. All of the pastries, except for one, have disappeared in the night.”

Grant entered the shop, umbrella in hand, in case he was attacked. The last doughnut was sitting on the counter, untouched. Grant was bewildered. Why take all the money and all but one of the pastries? He would have to search for the answers to his question in his library. Perhaps he could find information about the thief.

At his mansion by Madison Square, he searched the library for any possible leads. He found seven books that lead to one suspect: Monsieur W. Of course. Who else could have been the thief of the these items? He had a thing for never being caught, and always forgot to steal that one item. Still, Grant wanted to keep looking for more clues that could lead to the culprit.

He went to the police station and asked to see Chief Joseph. In his office, Joe was holding a drink that Grant could not identify but knew had to be some kind of soda. Joseph never drank. Shifting nervously, Grant was always afraid of police stations, ever since his brother was falsely accused of libel. Still, he trusted Joe, so he relaxed and asked “Do you have any leads for the crimes being committed recently?” There had been fourteen recent robberies in the past month; the pastry robbery being the least serious.

“We have fingerprints for the suspects. Here they are.” With that, he slid some papers across the table. On each one was a fingerprint.

Grant noticed each one was the same fingerprint, and all of them had been tampered with sloppily. The fingerprints were all from the mysterious man known as Monsieur W. I was right, he thought. I think I know where his lair is, but I will need police help to break in. With that he asked Joseph for a warrant and police backup.

The place Grant went to look was the basement of the Empire State Building. In this basement was a trapdoor hidden under the broken radiator that took all six men to lift, including Grant. Under the trapdoor was a long set of stairs, about seven to ten flight’s worth, all in one flight. Grant called Julietta on his cellphone. “Can you please come to the basement of the Empire State, with twenty officers as backup? Me and Joe are going to need all the help we can get.” With that he dismissed the four other people with him and Joe to stay in the basement, and he and Joe went down the stairs. “Bonjour, Monsieur!”

Monsieur W. was in his lair, paying a hooded figure with fifty million dollars when Grant and Joe arrived. The hooded figure mumbled something in Swedish and went off to a large contraption covered in tarp. Monsieur W. danced his way over to the intruders in his lair, giddy about something Grant knew could not be good. Grant pulled out his umbrella, which had a steel canopy, but was still as flexible as any other umbrella. Joe pulled out a saber.

“You think you can stop the great Monsieur W?” he replied. “Send out twenty-four of our animatronic guards!”

The guards then came to attack the heroes of this story. They managed to hold their own, until Joe let down his guard and was knocked out by a guard with a club. Grant was shot with a phaser that did not harm him, but left him incapacitated.

Grant and Joseph were both chained up in a cell of their own. Escape was impossible; the cells were made of titanium and outside, there was a large robot that looked like a gorilla. The gorilla-bot was armed with a large laser cannon on its left shoulder, and a phaser on its right. This large, formidable beastly creation was assisted by two regular guards.

Julietta came as promised, and incapacitated the large one with an electric bomb. The other two ran to get reinforcements, as Julietta released Grant and Joe. Grant embraced his fiance, and also hero, as Joe grabbed his saber and gave Grant his umbrella. “Thank you darling. I am in your debt. But we must hurry. We know not what W. is up to.”

Julietta replied, “I am here for you, as you were for me when I was framed for the libel of the Governor of New York.”

The three then went to fight off the reinforcements; Grant with his umbrella, Julietta with her phaser, and Joe with his saber. Sixty of them approached. After they were quickly dispatched, Randomness 7.0, the commander of Monsieur W’s animatronic army, leading them armed with the most powerful phaser rifle possible. A fight ensued, leading to the incapacitation of Julietta. Grant then dueled with Randomness. Sparks flied, scars were given, and Randomness had the upper hand. Then, when Grant had been knocked down, he struck the commander upside the head, causing his circuits to fly from his head. After the battle, Grant and Joe were approached by the hooded figure and W. The hooded figure removes his hood to reveal himself as Dr. Gharn, a chemist who had been discredited as a true scholar after he was framed for pick-pocketing.

He was going to give the money he was paid by W. to charity. He worked for W. to save his family’s life (and implanted a fail-safe in case things got out of hand in the machine he made).

W said “I have created the ultimate machine! It will destroy all of New York City, San Francisco, and Los Angeles if I am not crowned as king of all the United States! It is a spacecraft powered by jewels and nuclear energy that has nearly unlimited power! When I am king of U.S, I will become king of all North America! I will create a nation of people to live under me and do all my work! Gharn, activate my machine.”

No reply.


“No more! I have gone far enough! I will not be doing this for you anymore! Do not spare me if it means my family will be!”


Garhn was then fired upon by a phaser, sending him into an alternate dimension. Grant used his umbrella to knock unconscious Monsieur W. When he awoke, he was chained up in one of his own prison cells. Grant admitted that he knew the plot of W, knew not to reveal this until Monsieur was unable to fight back. “He was the one who committed all those robberies. The doughnuts were for his spare time, as he loves doughnuts. He committed that act of libel against the Governor that Julietta, and my brother, were framed for. He did this to attempt competition against the government. When he realized his mistake, he framed two different people to cover up his crime. And it worked: until now. I have been recording all that has been happening to give to the police.”

When the police arrived, Monsieur W. was arrested.

“I am sorry that I could not do anymore than I did! When I got incapacitated, I was completely…”

“Do not worry, my darling Julietta. You have done much to help me over the course of my knowing you. You helped me to solve the case of the missing Jade Peacock, my hardest case ever. I cannot wait to marry you.”


“I do.” Julietta and Grant kissed after their marriage.

When they had the reception, the best man, Joseph, gave a speech for the newlyweds. “They have been through thick and thin. They have solved cases together. The things they’ve done are wonderful. May they continue to do these things.”