Library // by Eniola O. (July 2018)

Emily had been called a bookworm in school. It didn't bother her much since it was true. She loved books; in fact, she choose a paper-and-ink book over all the E-books that she saw people using at her school all the time. So, it was no surprise that she was heartbroken when the mayor announced that her local library was going to be torn down.

Now, Emily sat curled up in her bed, looking out the window of her bedroom, angrily watching people walking up and down the sunny streets reading articles and novels on their phones. She glanced at her own phone, then at her small bookshelf. Emily knew that reading off some glowing screen would never be the same as reading a book, and that she had already read the books in the house a thousands times. She put her head in her hands and stayed like that for what seemed like hours.

Then, suddenly, she jumped out of her bed and yelled," The main characters of books never give up when the going gets tough, so I won't either!" Emily was full of determination. She ran down stairs, and asked her mom if she could go to a friend's house. Emily was really going to the library. She knew that the library was going to be torn down with all the books in it, because the books were going to be thrown out eventually. It made Emily a bit upset that no one cared that the books were going to be crushed and cleared out along with the building.

Emily new she would have to be quick; being caught meant being grounded. Being grounded would mean she failed her mission, and that would probably mean not reading a new book until she was grown up and moved away to a place with a library. She couldn't let that happen.

Emily ducked under the caution tape once the coast was clear, and went through the entrance, which had no door due to it being taken off for later use.

Emily stood in the middle of all the familiar shelves she used to wander. She pulled out a the trash bag she had brought with her then she started to put in books that she thought she might like. Then she headed towards the entrance with her heart in her throat.

The moment she stepped outside, she froze. A construction worker stood outside the barrier of tape, looking at the bag full of books, then at Emily, and blinked. Then to her surprise the construction worker gestured for her to go while mouthing out 'save the books'. Emily ducked back under the tape and ran home. Once the books were safely hidden in the attic her parents never bothered going into, she smiled to herself, wondering how many other people loved the library, and wanted to save the books as well.