Look at Me // by Maddy K. (April 2016)

When I was knee high, you came into my life.
We use to laugh and play, you know, have a good time.
Now I'm to your shoulder standing independently.
We aren't as close as we use to be.
I ignore you and you ignore me.
When we aren't ignoring,
we're fighting and bickering.
Which became the new routine,
I've done some bad stuff.
Now you barely look at me.
Even if you look,
it's for a short time,
because all you see when you look at me is pain and much regret.
That's why you now dislike me.
All I really wanted was you to be my superhero again.
You meant that much to me Dad.
It"s this stage in my life I need you most.
It feels like I'm falling,
"Please save me Daddy!"
While shrieking that,
I hope,
you'll swoop down and save me.
It's a silly thought.
It's foolish, because why could you hear me if you barely look at me?