As Many Times // by Temera R. (April 2016)

There are pieces of you lingering in every crevice of my being, and people say that time heals everything, but time; time does not heal you. Like the deepest ocean you are the deepest scar on my soul, and as many times as you have left you have returned. Every aching bone in my body is a place that once carried you, and as many times as I've written you my hands still tremble; time does not console me. There are times that I long for you, like the moon longs for the sun. And as many times as you have said you love me more, I love you more than there are the stars that hold your moon. They say that a home consist of four walls but as many times as I've found myself crawling home I say that my home consist of bones and a pair of emerald green eyes. As many times as we've wandered back, I can't help but ask how do we keep getting so lost? We have got to stop this; this losing each other. I am so sick of all the aching and I can't sleep without finding you somewhere in my sheets, even as many times as I've washed them you're still in every folded corner, like a scent that will not fade you are still there and I don't believe you will ever wash away.