Mermaid Hearts // by Sammi J. (January 2018)

We’re tranquil during the storm
Cornered in chaos
And coated in grime from
Depths where sea meets land.

In crisis we sing
Our hearts high, souls sought
If you listen close enough
You can hear our ocean calls.

Audible to keen
And silent unto ears of eager
Sailors awaiting our arrival
Nets betwixt long, slender fingers.

Our skins are not suitable to sunlight
The skies weep over our ashes
Returning remnants to dust
Scattered among the Ocean’s floor.

We spawn from divots deep
Below shining shores
Raised by tide
Washing our treasures from view.

Just try and find
These kinds of ours
Spotted by silhouettes of scales and shells
That swarm our mermaid hearts.