Neighborhood Woods // by Elisabeth W. (April 2018)

There’s a glittering creek that winds its way
Through a fairly small patch of woods
That adds a bit of wonder
To an otherwise dull neighborhood
Birds flit to and fro in the trees
Twitting their enchanting songs
Green moss grows in patches on the ground
And the creek gurgles all day long

But as the years have passed me by
More trees I find are gone
Cut down by careless neighbors
Seeking more spacious lawns
The bridges that we put up as kids
Are decayed and broken and drowned
The forts made out of branches
Have all been taken down

But there are still ruins of peace in those woods
And echoes of simpler times
Reflections of ecstasy can be seen in the creek
And fascination still grows with the vines
Though my imagination each day grows dimmer
And reality blurs my sight
The woods are still filled with wonder
And I know it will be all right