Nothing Is As It Seems // by Abby T. (July 2017)

Up is down
Right is wrong
Unreal is reality
Your brain is filled to capacity

You're walking in the dark
Bumbling and stumbling
It takes all you've got
Just to keep from tumbling

You need help
But to yell you must whisper
They told you not to come
But you have never been a good listener

You need reality
But everything is flipped
Upside down, all around
And suddenly you've tripped

You're falling or flying
You can't really tell
Your brain is full of mixed up junk
Is it a dream or a spell

You can't tell right from left
Up from down
Are you in the sky
Or on the ground

You want to scream
But you're quiet
If there is a world
You are no longer part of it

Strange things
Inhumane thing
Monsterous, magnificent

Are you trapped in a small place
Or floating in outer space

You open your eyes
To shut them tight
Is it day
or is it night

Are you calm
Or in fright
You hope you're asleep
Not awake