Ocean Waves // by Anna S. (April 2018)

Ocean waves have crossed this shore,
Lonely seas surround it,
Footprints marr its watchful ground,
Water brushes softly.

Waves are roaring,
Tossing spray,
In and out with the tides,
The waves dance in the sun.

The water rises,
Covering footprints,
Reaching and rolling,

The waves are free,
They light the sky,
They toss their rainbows,
Further and further.

Louder it roars,
Yet ever softly,
It whispers,
Its rushing calming.

The waves wash shells,
They carve paths deeper,
Deeper in the sands of dawn,
The sands of time.

Years pass,
Times change,
Yet still the waters rush,
In and out,
Following the tides.

Still they follow footprints,
The ocean’s cross the shore,
The waves toss their rainbows,
And swirl the sands for always.