Ode to Books // by Meg M. (July 2018)

Ode to books and all your pages.
Your words that fill up every inch of my life.
Words that come alive on the page before my eyes and put me in a hypnotic trance that will only be broken when the story ends.
Descriptions that transport you to far away places.
Places where we not only lose ourselves, but find ourselves.
Some would say an e-book does this as other would say "Why read the book when you can watch the movie?"
These people have probably never read a book they love so much it actually hurts when the story ends.
Everybody should find at least one story in their life that makes them feel something nothing else can.
Can you press flowers into an e-book?
Can that wonderful new book scent hit you when you first open a new stories pages if your watching the story instead of experienced get it through an authors words?
Can you experience a characters emotions, thoughts, and feelings through a screen?
Ode to books
Who cure every ounce of boredom I've ever experienced.
Who take me away from my problems and allow me to enter someone else's shoes and experience just a snip of their world.
Who are always there for me whether it's 3pm or 3am.
Without you
No smiles would appear,
No laughter would come about,
No learning would be experienced,
No ideas would be had,
" A house without books is like a room without Windows. " - Horace Mann