Oil Paint // by Rachel R. (January 2018)

Like oil paint, you set into my soul
Blending in with all of my quirks and casualties
You were there in bright colors
With galaxies in your eyes
and wind in your hair
Eyes that shine brighter than the sun
You were more than a simple simile
For you could not be described with words
You were beyond the human mind
Your mystery frightening, the way you put yourself together
The way you speak without speaking
The way you mixed yourself onto my palette
not knowing what color it would make
With you blended into my painting
I split my canvas in half
For you were all I ever wanted
But you were too bright for my painting
and too warm for my cool colors
My new canvas weeps for a new beginning
with bright colors and cherished memories
But I cannot paint that painting any longer
Because you are not there to be bright
and to hold my paintbrush steady
For I was not ready to finish your painting
And you were not ready to finish mine