Purpose // by Lily D. (January 2016)

One step, two steps, three steps,
The ongoing, never ending journey of Purpose.


Somedays, it's a competitive friend,
fighting, pushing me forwards.

Come on, I know you can do it, this is what you were made for.

Other days, Purpose can be a hulking, decaying vulture-
a nagging feeling of perfectionism that doesn’t go away,

Better, better, better.

But this isn’t Purpose-
or at least the Purpose I should know.

Society has taken something that was meant to drive us forward to progress,
and twisted it into the roadblock keeping us from it.

It was meant to review our individuality, make us unique,
Now? It’s merely a pressure for sameness.

We went from achieving greatness to avoiding it.

From riches to rags,
good to bad.

Purpose is not what tells us what we are doing wrong,
Purpose gets us past it.

Purpose takes the good and is supposed to amplify it,
while striving to diminish the bad.

Purpose isn’t what holds us back in fear of messing up,
It says, “Hey, this is scary, but it’s not going to stop us.”

We’ve changed Purpose,
we’ve made it the bad thing.

Kids who have drive and ability are told they’re weird.

We are a society that is encouraging blah-ness.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Because we have Purpose.

And every one of us has been told something one time or another that’s hurt our drive,
our juice,
Our Purpose.

The great thing about Purpose though, is everyone can have it.
Everyone should have it.

Scared? If you’ve got Purpose, you’ll get courage.
Shy? If you’ve got Purpose, you’ll stand out.

It doesn’t matter how unimportant you feel,
or how far away you’re goal seems to be.

With Purpose, it’s important that your goal is made a reality.