THINGS CHANGE... // by NICOLE I. (July 2015)

The first of the semester I was better than ever.
I was living in my house with my mother and my father.
Then next thing you know they had a big fight,
So I ran downstairs and said “Mama, you all right?”
She said “I’m okay, but you better look both ways every single day.
You got to keep on moving and thank God for his blessings”.

So my mom moved out and I went with her
We took a few things like a swiffer and a picture.
Now it’s my time to grind and our time to shine.
These silly people be wasting our time.
I said you already know I’m gonna help you out,
Just me and you in our cozy house.

I love you so much ma, you already know
I’m gonna treat you right like a big pot of gold.
She said I have to move to a brand new school
So I can’t be acting like a random fool.
I said, okay, okay ma, you know I got you
I’ll walk into class and sit down like a statue.

By the saving grace, I thank the Lord for another day
Always thinking about you each time I pray.
We’re not on our own just remember that,
We’re so close it’s crazy, like the cat in the hat!
So let me tell you this one more time
Ma, you know I love you and this is my rhyme.