Where I'm From // by Nia M. (April 2019)


I’m from crisp color pencils,
From infinite coloring pages and unruffled sketchbooks
I’m from mahogany bricks and polished hardwood floors-
Sturdy and comforting, it will protect me always
It smelled like my mother’s fiery cooking spices- shooting into the air like fireworks
I’m from the sunflowers so bright lining our backyard fence,
The cascading willows outside my window
Their swaying branches a lullaby

I’m from the glittering diwalis and
Thick, silky raven colored hair
From Anshu and Shubham
And Alyssa
I’m from never ending movie nights and daily
‘How-was-your-school-day’ interrogations
From stay strongs and
‘You’ll make new friends’
I’m from mythical bedtime stories-
Peter Rabbit or Cinderella
I’m from hot and hustled India,
Samosa stands and buttery flatbreads that poof up like balloons

From falling off my bike, chin-skinned there I lay
As mother sprinted to my rescue
My dad’s ancient wire glasses
(That I might have broken once or twice)
From the bulging envelope chock full
With childhood photos- instant black and white along with color-
All of them, be it a ‘chin skinned’ moment
Or riding free
Each an equally precious piece
Of the whole