Your Comments Stop Here // by Addie J. (July 2015)

As the classmate sits alone at lunch I fill with disgust. My insides reach boiling point. This classmate is the one people point at and say derogatory things to. I can't stand it. The evil of this generation is walking down the halls of my school. I am guilty of the things just like all of them. You may ask why it makes me angry if I am equally guilty? I will reply by saying I don't say the hateful words or do the hurtful things but I stand silent. I am silently wanting you to see the stupidity. I want you to know people of all shapes and sizes, colors and races have feelings. They hurt with every sharp edged word you say. It digs deeper and deeper into their self-esteem. So I am guilty of silence but not anymore.

I pick up my lunch tray and sit across from this classmate. I stand on top of the table and say, "Your comments stop here!" The lunchroom is now the one being silent as I sit down.

The classmate looks up at me with gentle eyes. Eyes like we all have the ones that guard our hurt and pain. And know I feel better to see this classmate no longer as just a classmate but as an individual. An individual who like me and you wants friends and to be able to walk the halls without facing mockery.

This classmate is an individual with a name. I ask that you sit down with the kid who everyone picks on and figure out their name. Don't label them with derogatory words but instead build them up. Because your comments stop here.