You're a monster // by Evelyn H. (April 2016)

You’re a monster,
a blood thirsty beast.
And you'll never be able to change.
So chin up
and be who you've always been meant to be,
just like mummy always said.

Claws digging into my flesh,
When will you realise you can't stop the beast inside of you.
Never to live amongst the humans,
like you’re one of them.

All you've been told.
Every last bit.
Mummys little boy,
not so little anymore.
All grown up,
but so small,
So broken on the inside

You act like a cornered animal,
feared by all around,
even by yourself.
Mummy’s little soldier,
who was doomed from the start.
Mummy’s little soldier
who's a beast at hea